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Ivan Preciado, of Mexican and Korean descent, Ivan’s childhood interest in art and personal expression flourished in Street Arts and Graffiti. Ivan has earned his Masters in Business Administration with a Marketing Concentrate from the University of Redlands in 2021, and Bachelor's of Science Degrees in Advertising and Graphic Design simultaneously from the Art Institutes of California-Inland Empire in 2018. He has been commissioned by large corporations, educational organizations, and government agencies for murals and other design work. Ivan's artistic endeavors have led him to protect his intellectual property by copyrighting and trademarking his visual artworks as well as patenting his inventions.

Ivan was a contestant on the internationally distributed reality television program ‘Street Art Throwdown’-produced for the Oxygen Network overseen by NBCUniversal- where he competed against nine other artists from across the nation for a grand prize of $100,000. Although, he was cut on the 6th of 8 episodes, he returned on the 7th and 8th episode to assist one of the three finalist, Camer1, in completing his last challenge. The last challenge was to paint a four-story mural in two days, which the finalist, Camer1, with Ivan's help, went on to win the competition, and the grand prize of $100,000.00.

Ivan is notable for taking his retro dream-like art style and composing everyday objects together in a way that allows for new value to be discovered. As a street artist, he aspires to communicate the gravity of the relationship between humans and nature, more so, their co-existence in the universe, and how this force subconsciously influences us daily.

(updated Jan 2024) Ivan is currently earning his Master's of Fine Arts in Design Thinking from Radford University with an expected graduation date of Fall 2024. Behind the scenes he is maintaining a non-profit organization, clothing brand, and running his own personal design & mural firm. If you'd like to contact him please email or use the Contact Page.


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